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(local sale)  NEW PRICING
Kona Typica scion Robusta root stock
coffee photo

coffee tree

grafted coffee sizes
Plants need to be 12-18" (left plant) for best results in tranplant and development.

See below for individual pictures 
    Are you experiencing yellow leaf Kona Coffee Trees although you fertilize?  Do you have trees topple over and upon root inspection notice insect damage.   Could be that you have a nematode infestation.   It is estimated that 85% of  ALL Kona Coffee (Kona Typica or Guatemala  Arabican)  trees have such an infestation.   Studies indicate that Robusta coffee root system is resistant to such an infestation.   Robusta Coffee has a stronger root system with multiple tap roots but is bitter (robusta Roasted coffee is bitter compared to Arabican as well).   Robusta Coffee is known for it's very high production capability  (instant and non gourmet coffees are typically Robusta).  The University of Hawaii did studies indicating clearly that Arabican can be grafted onto Robusta root stock and afford excellent resistance of the plant to nematodes.   Since the Robusta root system is dramatically stronger, grafted Arabican (scion or top part)  onto Robusta Coffee root stock increase yields as much as 40%  in studies (versus the nematode uninfected Arabican Coffee plant) and up to 10 fold versus  a nematode infected Arabican Coffee plant.     It is believe that since the root system is stronger (and larger), the plant is capable of extracting more nutrients from the soil  (leading to the increased production). 

    At one time, Kona Coffee farmers were worried that replacing the root system of Kona Typica Coffee could change the gourmet flavor (since the Robusta is considered bitter).   Similar to oranges, who have a bitter orange root system with a sweet citrus top,  grafted Arabican/Robusta-root has demonstrate wonderful  flavor in the scion (top graft) production.  This is documented because grafted coffee has won (more than once) the Kona Cupping Contest for the best tasting Kona Coffee.   It has widely been believe that a healthy tree produces better tasting coffee and a strong root system in a grafted Arbican scion, can provide a healthy tree (better production and taste).

    Why buy normal coffee seedling when you can buy grafted which will be stronger and more productive,  afford higher yields, profit and flavor.    Many economist firmly believe that anything that pays for itself in 5 years is an excellent investment.    Grafted coffee can accomplish this even faster.

     Since non of the nurseries we have gone to, carry the grafted coffee (island wide) we had to initiate our own grafting work.    Therefore we are  conducting grafting  for replacement of weak or diseased Arabican trees on the Plantation.     We are now offering  plants for general sale.    Photos are below.  Two sizes are available.   It is recommended the the trees be 12 -18 inches  for field planting .  Younger trees are more draught intolerant.   Young trees are more susceptible to herbicide ("roundup") and it is recommended you don't spray near the trees until they are about 3 foot tall and you have removed the lower leaves (still be very careful not to get any spray on the tree).   Do not use solid fertilizer on young trees.  If fertilization is required (yellow leaf),  a dilute water soluble fertilizer is recommended.

Reduced Pricing   (sales tax not included):
12 -18 in. plant                    $19.95

KonaLani Plantation
76-5917H Ho'okahi Street
Holualoa, HI   96725

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   planting size recommended      grafted coffee smaller size
Tree ready for planting                           immature grafted tree
  Additionally, the Coffee Plantation has gourmet 100% Kona whole bean roasted coffee which can be shipped directly to you.

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