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KonaLani Inn, Plantation Edible Plants  Click here for Testimonials
   Edible plants growing on the plantation
Comes from the Amazon. Round to oval in shape, sometimes pointed, with smooth bright yellow skin. Has creamy sweet, succulent flesh which tastes like Buttterscotch Caramel. A real taste treat when eaten slightly chilled. Cut in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Best eaten chilled.
Avocado, Sharwil rich buttery flavor, not common other than  in Hawaii
Banana, apple sweet with a slight lemon taste
Banana, Chinese tall banana produces smaller bunches than Williams
Banana, Williams a large high yield banana
Bay used in flavoring
Bong Wong  also called Napa cabbage
Chamomile used in tea
Mangosteen family (Clusiaceae),  Fruits berries, globose, smooth, orange when ripe,
origin: Paraguay,  Scientific name:  Garcinia Macrophylla
Cherry,  Surinam
Tropical tart cherry especially good for pies
Cocoa, red used for cocoa powder and chocolate
Coconut standard
Coffee, Arabican Kona coffee when grown in Kona district
Custard Apple, Brazilian
Also know as Biriba.   Fruits have soft spine pattern, smooth dark brown seeds and sweet aromatic creamy flesh. Pick when fruit slightly soft. Best eaten straight from tree. Flavor taints after 12-24hrs.
orgin:  Brasil,  Scientific name:  Rollinia deliciosa
Dragon Fruit
This exotic fruit of a catus is also know as a strawberry pear..  The fruit is round, typically  red colored fruit with prominent scales. The thin rind encloses the large mass of sweetly flavored  red pulp and small black seeds.  Scientifice name: Hylocereus undatus

A tree (Pouteria campechiana), native to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean and having very sweet oval fruit with a musky odor.

Eggplant standard egg shaped, about 1# fruits
Eggplant, Asian long tubular, about 1.5" in diameter
Grapefruit, Ruby Red
Sweet red grapefruit
Green Tea
Carmellia sinensis L.   The common "green tea".
Guava standard, yellow fruit with pink inside, high in
Vitiam C
Guava, strawberry tastes similar to tart apples
Guava, Thia Purple
Sweet purple guava
Brazilian Grape
Purple fruit grows on the trunk.   Similar in taste to concord grapes.
(Artocarpus heterophyllus)
The jackfruit  is a species of tree of the mulberry family  native to parts of south asia It is well suited to tropical lowlands. Its fruit is the largest tree born fruit in the world,  The jackfruit  have a taste similar to that of pineapple but milder and less juicy.
Lemon, Myer's great producer
Lemon, Ureka pink produces at a different time than the Myer
Lime, Kaffir
leaves used in cooking
Lime, Mexican Key
small high flavor lime
Japanese, plum
 Japanese medlar
Clustered fruits of 4 to 30, are typically oval, ca 1.5 in  long, usually  smooth and yellow with  white succulent pulp, typically sweet  flavor.
Lychee red fruit the size of  half of a ping pong ball
Macadamia Nut famous Hawaiian grown nuts,
Mango, Florigano ca. 1 #  fruit,  produces well without high heat
Mango, Hayden standard mango
Mango, Keitt ca. 3 # fruit, very sweet , produces well without high heat
Mango, Pope large mango
Monstera produces cone fruits kiwi in flavor
(Peruvian Orange)
yellow fruit with green interior, orange/kiwi in flavor
Orange, Blood oranges with a bright red interior
Orange, Valencia standard juice oranges
Oregano, tropical also know as Cuban oregano, rich flavor
Pak Choi cooked like spinach this vegetable has a wonderful flavor
Papaya, Solo standard papaya
Papaya, Strawberry sweeter and red colored interior
Papaya, Sunrise also sweeter and red colored interior
Passion fruit Lilikoi
yellow fruit with tart flavor and strong aroma, rhubarb taste
Passion fruit Giant Lilikoi
Honeydew melon color, coconut sized sweet fruit, ca. 7 pounds each
Peach, Floridian Prince small tropical peaches
Peppers, red Bell standard
Peppers, yellow Bell standard
Pineapple, white also know as Maui pineapple, lower acidity
Pineapple, yellow standard
Polmello, pink like a very large grapefruit but typically sweeter
Potato, Sweet Hawaiian purple bright purple tuber, morning glory family
Potato, Sweet Hawaiian red bright red tuber, morning glory family, sweeter than purple
Purple Mombin
Brazilian plum or cherry
One of the most popular small fruits of the American tropics.  The  flesh is aromatic, yellow, fibrous, very juicy, with a rich, plum-like flavor.
Rambotan, R9 very large Lychee, somewhat sweeter
Rosemary standard spice
Sage standard spice
Starfruit, Kajing a large starfruit which is typically sweeter
Strawberries standard
Sugar Cane, Red
dark red cane make this variety ornamental as well as edible
Tamarillo, red
Tree tomato;  long-stalked, dangling fruit, borne singly or in clusters of 3 to 12, is smooth egg-shaped but pointed at both ends. It ranges in size from 2 to 4 inches long and 1-1/2 to 2 inches in width.
Tangelo, Minneola vividly bright orange fruit which tastes orange-tangerine
Tangerine, Dancy standard tangerine
Tangerine, Sasmosa tangerine that produces well at cooler temperatures
Tomato, Roma large cherry tomato
Turmeric The rhizome is boiled, dried & ground (distinctive bright yellow spice)